The longest running yoga studio in SW Washington, celebrating our 18th year!
Studio will be closed on Memorial Day.
We are located at 1101 Broadway St #216 above Chamber of Commerce, downtown.

Blog articles from June 2015

Health Goal #6 Elimination

Health Goal #6- Elimination


So far in our year long focus on Health we have examined what goes in, how we digest it, how we assimilate the nutrients. Now we will bring more light to the last stage, how we eliminate what we don’t use.


Get Out of Your Rut! Part 3

Get Out of Your Rut:  Three Keys to Reimagining Possibility

And Creating a Juicy Life You Love!  Part 3 of 3

By Maureen Fahey Knutson

In the first 2 articles in this 3-part series, we talked about the 1st 2 keys to reimaging possibility and creating a juicy life you love and some tools you can use to start moving you forward.  So before we jump into the 3rd key, which is the focus of today’s article, let’s review Keys #1 and #2.