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Want to Get Out of Your Rut? By Maureen Knutson

Three Keys to Reimagining Possibility And Creating a Juicy Life You Love! Part 1 of 3

Are you 40+, at a crossroads, stuck, tired of being without direction and wasting time, or feeling empty or like an imposter? Would you like to learn ways of interrupting old patterns that don’t serve you well? Or are you just ready for a breath of fresh air? In this 3 part series, Maureen Fahey Knutson will be sharing three keys to reimagining possibility along with several tools you can use to enrich your life and move powerfully forward in the direction you want to go. My intention is for you to gain information you can start using right away to reimagine possibility in your own life to help you create and live a vision of your juiciest life ever!


What is important about clarity? A primary reason people don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want. Clarity is critical to success. And with clarity comes the power to act. Action is the basis of achievement, fulfillment and happiness in life. Without a clear direction, we are rudderless in the sea of life, leaving us paralyzed with indecision or spinning our wheels. So, I am curious, have you heard of Janet Attwood? She is the author of the Passion Test and one of my mentors. She taught me that, “When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent that you are clear”. This is a powerful lesson that has transformed the way I live my life.

Now, gaining clarity is a process and it doesn’t happen all at once. The good news is that you just start somewhere and with time and attention, it unfolds naturally. One practice you can use to help you gain clarity about what you want to create in your life is intention setting.


So, let’s talk about intention for a minute. What is a definition of Intention?

Intention: “An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.” In other words, consciously creating an outcome in your mind to aspire to. Let me ask you, for how many of you is it possible to create deliberate results without first having an outcome in mind?

Intention setting is very powerful. Several of my mentors stress the importance of intention setting. One saying that really resonates for me came from Susan Skye who teaches Leadership using Non-Violent Communication. She taught me that “Intention is the laser beam of manifestation”. Intentions give us a target to aim for. For example, I like to set an intention each morning by telling myself it’s a great day. It’s a great way to set my expectations for the day and put me in a positive mindset that allows me to notice the wonderful things that come my way on a daily basis. And, we’re going to talk more about mindset in future articles. So, back to intention setting… \


Let’s take intention setting one step further. Another powerful practice you can use to gain clarity is to tap into your passions and use what you find to inform your intentions . Consciously stating what you choose to create in your life is the first step to reimagining possibility and moving toward manifesting it.

What is passion? It’s what you love, makes your eyes shine and heart sing. It is the juice of life and is what makes you feel alive.

Where does it arise from? From the heart. Not the head. I fully believe that whatever higher intelligence has inspired within you, it has the ability to deliver to you.

How is it connected to purpose? From my own experience, I believe that passions are divinely inspired and when you connect with your passions, you align with your purpose and only then you can truly fully give your unique gifts to the world.

We all know people that are passionate about their work, families, hobbies, service or cause. What do you notice about those people? Naturally passionate people follow their hearts and dreams, love their lives and totally believe in what they do. And it shows. They are energized, happy, and magnetic and we are attracted to those people. Right? Now some of you may already be following your passions and that’s a huge step in the right direction. And, what about those who are lacking passion in their lives or feeling stuck, like I was back in 2009? How does one tap into their passions and purpose? It’s a process and a topic that I love to talk about. In this article we only have time to scratch the surface. What I can do is share an important lesson that I learned when I got clear on my passions. Reimagining possibility is easiest when you are completely honest with yourself about what you want and give yourself permission to have it. When I got clear on my passions, that’s when my life started to truly transform.

So let’s review Key #1 – Use intention setting to create empowering outcomes in your mind you can aspire to. Tap into your passions to inform your intentions. Consciously stating what you choose to create in your life produces clarity and is the first step to reimagining possibility and moving toward manifesting it.

Watch for more articles in the coming newsletters that will give you more keys and tools to reimagine possibility in your life. To your success and the life of your dreams!


A recovering engineer turned entrepreneur and jewelry artist, Maureen is now the CEO and Founder of Fireworks Transformations as well as Fireworks Jewelry. Maureen is a dynamic leader, teacher and presenter who has worked with hundreds of men and women from all over the world. Her mission in life is to inspire transformation and grow prosperity. One of her greatest passions is helping people reimagine possibility in their lives. To this end, she teaches people how to use simple and powerful principles to bring their thoughts, words and actions into alignment with their purpose and the fulfillment they desire so they can create and live a juicy life they love. You can reach her at 360-773-6057 or at