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100 Hour Yoga Therapist

Yoga Repatternin'g 100-hour Yoga as Structural Therapy Training

A continuing education program.

This program will help you identify and address misalignments in the body's structure that may contribute or cause chronic pain and injury patterns. It will teach you how to address these issues by mapping the body, and by using hands-on and verbal cues you provide to clients. You'll learn how to construct detailed therapy plans that will guide your clients to better health and well-being, and also how to apply the program's principles to your current practice of Yoga or bodywork.

A 100-hour program designed for anyone who has completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved Yoga teacher training or has formal training in massage, physical therapy or other bodywork.

Please note, we have a separate website for our Training programs:

Visit for course details, syllabus, fees and registration.

We are currently working on making this program into and online continuing education program. Stay tuned.....

View a snapshot of a Yoga Therapy Training:

Yoga Structural Therapy is a comprehensive program in learning about the myofascial planes in the body and how they effect our postural alignment. By using bodywork techniques and yoga postures, one can teach their clients/students how to change unhealthy patterns in order to move with more awareness and ease. Melonie is very gifted at a large body of knowledge to share, which has helped to improve my skills as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. ~Robin 2016

I took Melonie's Teacher Training two years ago. it was an excellent start to my teaching. In my role as a yoga instructor and strength coach, I see many structural and postural anomalies in the bodies with which I work. This class has given me a whole new box of tools to help me better improve the quality of education I give to my students, about their movement and posture and my ability to coach better movement. Thank You! ~2016 Training

I gained another way of viewing the body more wholistically; its easy to get caught up in the details of specific joints/muscles, this class gave me a way to move away from that. ~ 2016 Training

Wow, I feel I learned a lot about my own body. ~2016 Training

I found the observation and work on peers and volunteers to be the most valuable for me. ~2016 Training