The longest running yoga studio in SW Washington, celebrating our 18th year!
We are located at 1101 Broadway St #216 above Chamber of Commerce, downtown.

Ashley Webb

Ashley is an avid world traveler, a beer lover, active in outdoor sports such as snowboarding and rock climbing, and has a full time corporate job that has her traveling across five states regularly. It's clear to anyone who knows Ashley that she believes in a life of balance. That's why Ashley first got into yoga some eight years ago. To balance the outdoor play and stretch and strengthen the tired, stuck on airplane muscles. Once yoga became a regular practice Ashley fell in love with not only what it could do for the body, but also the spirit and the mind. Four years ago when Ashley first started attending the Vancouver Yoga Center with Melonie she began to take her yoga practice up a notch and it was not long after that she enrolled in the teacher training program under Melonie at this very studio. Today, Ashley teaches and practices yoga as a way to still bring balance to her life and to others, after all she still travels and still loves a good micro brew now and again as well.