The longest running yoga studio in SW Washington, celebrating our 18th year!
Studio will be closed on Memorial Day.
We are located at 1101 Broadway St #216 above Chamber of Commerce, downtown.
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Benefits of Yoga

This video sums it up!

Why do we need to stretch and move in a variety of ways?

Gil Hedley explains the science of it, in a fun way.

The effects of a consistent yoga practice are profound and can have long lasting changes to your body, mind and in your life. The effects of yoga are not just limited to stretching and strengthening the muscles or fascia, but yoga postures can also:

  •     calm the mind and nervous system
  •     help you understand and discover this body your have been gifted
  •     increase oxygen throughout the body and brain
  •     replenish the energy in the body
  •     strengthen the lungs
  •     tone and rejuvenate the endocrine glands
  •     massage and tone the organs, creating a detoxifying effect
  •     help to harmonize the hormones
  •     improves digestion through toning of the colon.
  •     keep the spine supple and the joints lubricated
  •     realign the posture
  •     relieve pain and discomfort within the body
  •     for women it can help to regulate and ease the menstrual cycle
  •     can help regulate weight