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Health Resources

The teachers and practitioners here at the Vancouver Yoga Center want to help support people in every way possible to achieve Radiant Health, Inner Harmony and for you to live to your full potential.

We believe in some basics tenets to live a happy, healthy, long life. They are:

1) Proper exercise/movement- Movements designed to balance strength with flexibility, align the bony structure of the body, tone and massage organs and aid in circulation. Yoga is the best we found for this. Coupled with walking, or low impact aerobic exercise, this will give your body the most beneficial support with the least damage or impact.

2) Proper diet- Ayurvedic medicine(India's naturopathic medicine) is at the root of a Yogic diet. Eating within the seasons for your particular body constitution. No one size fits all approach to food and nutrition here, each individuals needs are looked at and supported. We offer workshops on Ayurveda as well as private appointments to help you determine your body type and offer suggestions to balance your diet and body.

3) Proper rest and relaxation- Getting adequate sleep for your body type coupled with relaxation stress discharging exercises done during the day. Classes end with guided relaxation exercises.

4) Proper breathing- Without the breath, life would stop. The quality of the breath is equal to the quality and lifespan. We are here to teach you how to breath life back into your body again.

5) Positive thinking and meditation- This is the most important. No quality of food or exercise can offer you good health if whats in our mind is polluting our body soil. We are what we think. So think good thoughts!!! We offer meditation and talks on the nature of the mind and heart to help shift out of old thought patterns that are not serving you.

We hope these resources will help you on your way to great health and a amazing life. Click on any of the links below for more information.


Veggies & Fruits- CSA's & local organic direct farms

Grass fed meats, eggs & dairy products- Local farm direct

Low mercury fish

Seaweeds & wild crafted herbs- farm direct

Nutritional Superfoods/Supplements

Food/farmers markets


We are big fans of Biodiverse farming and supporting local small farms. This can be one of the biggest things we can do to help grow a healthy local community and economy.

We also believe food is consciousness and a cleaner diet leads to a clearer mind.

We can all make a difference in our own backyards. Visit the slow food movement and the food forest project in Seattle.

Lets make Vancouver the next most sustainable and livable city. Contact Melonie to be apart of the developing SW Washington Food and Ecology Awareness Coalition, the non-profit education outreach program educating and connecting people to their food sources and their enviroment.

Prenatal/postnatal care and resources

Living sustainably- Resources on sustainable living. Urban farm practices, permiculture, clothing resources, and organizations fostering a better world.

Book & Movie Recommendations- our favorites on Yoga, philosphy, Ayurveda, nutrition and ecology.


Those on these lists have been researched by our staff or have been highly recommended by members in our community who have had a direct positive experience with them.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more to these lists and updating them.