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Living Sustainably

Resources on sustainable living. Urban farm practices, permiculture, clothing resources. Check back for continual updates.


Community gardens

Vancouver Clark Community Grown- local community gardens and gardening classes

Urban farming information

Raintree nursery. Edible landscaping nursery for the Northwest

One Green World. Edible landscaping nursery for the northwest


Bev’s Place and OSALT(Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust) A home in Hazel dell using permaculture principles. Tours are given on occasion to teach others what they can grow on a small city lot.

Portland Permaculture Guild  Nice articles resource section on their website for all things garden and ecological renewal oriented.

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

Bill Mollison the “father of Permaculture”

Polyface Farms in Virginia- biodiverse farming Going beyond Organic!!

Seed banks:
SE portland Seed bank Project


Friendly Haven bee farm she is the bee lady of Vancouver!

Monique Dupre
 Vancouver WA
 Phone: 360-694-1283 
I am a beekeeper willing to capture honeybee swarms free of charge. I live in Vancouver WA/Portland OR are and will drive up to 40 miles to capture a swarm.

Acres USA
Ode Magazine
Yoga International

Grow Northwest magazine. Great articles on lawn to food: Sustainable edible landscaping.

Sustainable Clothes:

Definition and differences in fabric

Urban eccentric 24th & Main St, Uptown Village Vancouver

Most everything 8th & Washington, downtown Vancouver


Organizations fostering a better world:

Living yoga- an organization that takes yoga into prisons and drug and alcohol rehab centers.
Slow food