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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs with Nancy Boros

MBSR is an 8-Week health education program and evidence-based curriculum developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD, grounded in nearly 40 years of published research. In this series you will develop life-long tools to help you transform your relationship to pain, illness, change and the challenging transitions in life which come with being human. The program addresses a broad range of health issues. By understanding and investigating the triggers causing stress, these tools and mindfulness meditation practices lead to more ease and balance as you learn to manage stress in new ways. Come to a free orientation (required before signing up) to learn more and see if this course is a good fit. Is it time to find new ways to manage your stress?

What can MBSR offer you:
  • Learn to better cope with stress, pain and the changes which are inevitable in life.
  • MBSR is secular and evidence-based and developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Addresses a broad range of chronic disorders, problems and health issues
  • Through understanding and investigating the triggers which cause stress, and which can diminish physical and emotional health, you will learn effective tools to deal with the challenges life brings
  • Teaches you to identify your stress triggers, understand and experience how these affect your mind and body and reduce anxiety
  • Develop mindfulness practices to bring about the change leading you to more ease and balance as you learn to manage stress and life in new ways
We are offering a free orientation to MBSR
Choose from one of the three:
Saturday March 17th 2pm
Sunday March 18th 2pm
Or Online Orientation:
Thursday March 22nd 6pm

Foundations of Mindfulness-4 Week series

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program