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Structural Integration

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a goal focused therapeutic modality. This form of bodywork is ideal for those who have injuries, chronic pain, restrictions in movements or poor alignment in your posture that is inhibiting your health and wellbeing. We will assess your goals for change that you want in your body, take time for a detailed before and after assessment of your posture, range of motion and pain scale. Then outline a plan that has a start and finish to the treatment. This start and finish may be in one session, a series of 3 sessions or optimally the traditional 12 session series. After this form of bodywork you are asked to let your body settle into the changes and if needed do a follow up in 6 months to 1 year.  

Since this work is more focused, intensive and goal oriented with a lot of treatment strategy on the part of the practitioner, the fees and session times are different than a regular massage. Sessions last anywhere from 1 hour  to 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Structural Integration is providd by Melonie Nielsen, 18 years as a Licensed massage therapist (#14790) and graduate of KMI Structural Integartion a school formed by Thomas Meyers, originator of Anatomy Trains.

 Fees are $100 per session 

For a video introduction to what Structural Integration is click here:



I was surprised that what seemed like minor manipulations, translated into immediate change. This work exceeded my expectations. I recommend! ~ Pam 2014

Thank you again for helping me with my back issues this means a lot to me. It has taken me six years of trying everything and you
helped the most with three visits. I have not been to a chiropractor for four months which is a seven year record for me. Thank you so much and have a great summer.~ Ed 2014