The longest running yoga studio in Vancouver, celebrating our 17th year!
For the months of July and August take 1/2 off 1 month unlimited memberships. $45, normally $95
Studio Closed Labor day
We are located at 1101 Broadway St #216 above Chamber of Commerce, downtown.

Workshops & Events


Make your own Mala workshop


Learn to make your own unique mala, a wearable piece of sacred art. Malas are used for aiding in your meditation practice.

During this worksop you will make your own unique mala, we well explore movement practices that are accessible to all levesl of ability and practice Yogic breathing and meditation using your mala. 


Join Lindsey Saturday July 8th 10:30-12:30pm $40 all supplies are included

Registration by email:


Kids Yoga Summer camp!

Help your child develop social/emotional skills, promote self-regulation, and foster physical fitness. Each class includes yoga, mindfulness activities, games and stories with a different mini theme each week


Saturdays 10-12noon

August 12th Art day  -Explore art techniques and create your own fidget toy.

Aug 19th Dance day  - Guest instructor will lead your child in a fun hip hop routine

Aug 26th Celebration  - Celebrate our last class with yoga, art, games and a mindful snack

Ages 5-10 years old $80 ($10 off is you register before June 30th)

Call to Reserve your spot 360-521-1609

Join Aderyn and Kelly, RYT & Yoga Calm certified instructors, for a fun and playful experience for kids.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) Series

Free talk this Sunday 3-5pm on what MBSR is! Put your name on the list by contacting Nancy(see below)

We have been long awaiting someone to bring this program to the SW Washington area!

What can MBSR offer you:

  • Learn to better cope with stress, pain and the changes which are inevitable in life.
  • MBSR is secular and evidence-based and developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Addresses a broad range of chronic disorders, problems and health issues
  • Through understanding and investigating the triggers which cause stress, and which can diminish physical and emotional health, you will learn effective tools to deal with the challenges life brings
  • Teaches you to identify your stress triggers, understand and experience how these affect your mind and body and reduce anxiety
  • Develop mindfulness practices to bring about the change leading you to more ease and balance as you learn to manage stress and life in new ways

We are offering a free orientation to MBSR

Choose from one of the two:

Sunday June 4th 3-5pm or Tuesday June 6th 7:15-9:15pm

Attending and orientation is not a commitment to take the course. The orientation is FREE, required before enrolling, and will help decide if the course is right for you.

Full course will be Sundays June 25th- August 13th 3-5pm with an all day retreat Saturday August 5th

All classes and retreat to be heald at Vancouver Yoga Center

Early bird registration by June 6th $375, $425 therafter. Includes 8-week series and the all day retreat. 

Questions or to register for MBSR contact Nancy Boros 503-890-8965     visit:



Coming Fall 2017:

Teacher Clinic - continuing education classes for Yoga Teachers 

1.5 hour classes   1st Tuesday of the Month 7:15-8:45pm  $25ea   Registraion is required

Classes will cover seeing and assessing bodies, hands on adjustments, cuing and specific sequencing as needed.


August 1st- Align the feet, align the whole body(loops) 

September 5th- Knee tracking- healthy functional knees(Shins In Thighs Out) 

October 3rd- Pelvic Balance in standing poses(thighs back, kidney loop) 

November 7th- SI joint and its function and issues, poses of caution, adjustments and support(Spirals) 

December 5th- Rotator cuff injuries and protection while opening the shoulders(kidney loop, shoulder loop, rotations) 

January 2nd - Flat cervical curve be gone 

February 6th- Forward bends safety for lower backs 

March 6th-Hip rotation and knee pain- pigeon bain or gift? 

April 3rd- Camel and beyond, backbends 101 

May 1st- Safely teach Headstand and handstand 

June 5th- Intelligent sequencing


Asana Workshops

Come explore in a more lengthy and immersive way the different classes of yoga poses. Each workshop we will work on the alignment principles that are most needed and tips and tricks for working into the harder variations. Come enrich your practice and leave stepping into new territory in your body.

Past workshops:

Standing poses & transitions

all things leggy forward bends, hip openers & twists

Inversion, core & arm balances


restorative & pranayama

partner yoga. 


Therapy Clinics

This is the time to address those chronic and pesky problem areas of your body. We will work closely with alignment and what you need to be mindful of in your yoga practice to bring about healing. 

Shoulders, upper back & neck issues  

Feet & Knees 

Hips & low back issues