The longest running yoga studio in Vancouver, celebrating our 17th year!
Starting May 4th Thursday 6pm level 1 will move to 5:30pm
We are located at 1101 Broadway St #216 above Chamber of Commerce, downtown.

Workshops & Events

Pre-registration is required.   Call 360.521.1609

Yoga Teacher Training Starting January 21st 2017

Register ASAP! Contact Melonie @ 360-521-1609


Stay tuned for these coming workshops:

Asana Workshops

Come explore in a more lengthy and immersive way the different classes of yoga poses. Each workshop we will work on the alignment principles that are most needed and tips and tricks for working into the harder variations. Come enrich your practice and leave stepping into new territory in your body.

$45 per workshop

dates to be announced. Generally we offer these special classes in the Fall-Winter.

Past workshops: Standing poses & transitions, all things leggy; forward bends, hip openers & twists, Inversion, core & arm balances, backbends, restorative & pranayama, partner yoga. 

Therapy Clinics

This is the time to address those chronic and pesky problem areas of your body. We will work closely with alignment and what you need to be mindful of in your yoga practice to bring about healing. 

Shoulders, upper back & neck issues  TBA

Feet & Knees TBA

Hips & low back issues TBA